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Apr 4 12:42 PMOutsider22. You are missing my point. Recurring revenues is something else.1) As a corporate customer with lot of expensive servers and software you do not throw away your investment away after 2 years. But you pay every month a lot of money to yoor system integrator (IBM, Oracle, SAP.) for HW a SW maintanance and upgrades. 2) Yes you are right smartphone lifetime is probably not higher than 2 years (mine is always less than a year :-). But after that time, could be another new gadget on the market. Apple is from 70% a gadget company! Apple has probably very little recurrent revenues (maintanance corporate contracts, expensive upgrades etc.) What a difference compared for instance with Oracle or IBM! And any growth certainties which are repeated in almost every post and which are based on historical AAPL performance simply do not exist! Google, MSFT, ., NOK, Samsung even RIM can seriously erode Apple smartphone and tablet marketshare. Just that Apple fans are coming to Apple stores like the faithful people into a church does not mean that it will stay like this forever! Apple lovers - I am from Prague, I have 3 iphones in my family, ipad 2, I have a company supplying Mac computers in graphics art industry. I do not need new ipad. First of all - IB (Interactive Brokers) app is really inferior to Mac or Win platform. I think the difference of playing Angry Birds on new ipad and ipad 2 is not so important ro me. ;-) And I am not trying to be so biased a "in love" with a company - even if it? Apple. But I can be wrong, of course.

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Someone who is speculating about buying used Rolex watches is probably aware of the knock-offs and counterfeit pieces that appear frequently in cities around Best Rolex Watches the world. As a method of taking advantage Rolex Replica of the hype and admiration of Rolex timepieces, there is a thriving marketplace for fake used Rolexes. Buyers should beware that these fakes are an abomination compared to the real thing and can be distinguished from a true Rolex with some simple observation. Consumers who wish to buy used Rolex watches should only consider reputable and certified luxury watch dealers. In order to keep the vast majority of their value over a long period of time, the company establishes non-negotiable prices so they can set a standard for the long-term value of their product. Buying used Rolex watches for sale would still cost a pretty penny, but it would also still remain an investment that retains much of its resell value.

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